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When it comes to lifestyle changes, it all starts with making a decision. Let’s make that happen today. Become a part of the most inclusive, transparent, wealth building community on the planet. Become a part of MTC.

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The complete redesign of your lifestyle


Wellness is a key principle to our holistic approach to success and self-healing. Wellness is not a passive or static state like many are made to believe, but rather an active pursuit with an intention to reach a state of optimal health and well-being.

Wellness consists of many areas, such as: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental. At MTC we believe by improving in any one of these areas, it will lead to the improvement of other areas, which in term will help bring you one step closer to true wellness.

Your own personal wellness doesn’t just impact your life, but also your surroundings, the lives of those who are closest to you and the people you care about. By improving your own wellness, it will improve theirs and at MTC we will give you the tools to do just that.


Adventure plays a more crucial role in success and well-being than you can imagine. It separates those who live a fun, fulfilling and exciting life to those who do not. It could also be the key difference between someone who is positive, stress-free and loves their life.

One of the biggest key benefits to adventure is your mental health and emotional state of mind, which we understand is the starting point of everything that happens in your life. During an adventure the joy and excitement you feel from expanding your horizons, creating new relationships, understanding different cultures and learning new skills, releases chemicals and hormones in your brain that inspires and motivates you to achieve greater goals in your life; and the experiences that you gain will give you a deeper appreciation of the people around you and where you are in life.

At MTC we will give you the tools and opportunities to be able to go on more adventures to help you discover.


Your mindset is the most important tool you have to guard yourself from misfortune and spot opportunities in any given situation. Your growth, emotional response, life perspective, behaviour, the people around you and even your current life circumstances are based on your mindset.

You’re either in a fixed, growth, scarcity or abundant mindset. The state of mind you are in determines your projection and possible outcomes in life. No one is born with a certain mindset and it’s never too late to change or improve.

At MTC we want to help you discover and achieve the full potential of your mindset by teaching you; how to identify where you are, what changes are needed, how to improve them and finally mastering a true mindset of growth, abundance, confidence and wealth.


Financial wealth is often mistaken through the measurement of how much an individual can earn while working, where true wealth is the measurement of how much an individual earns while not working. As individuals earn more by working more, they believe they're in wealth; however, the moment they are unable to fulfill those duties, they no longer generate that income they consider wealth.

True wealth comes from being able to generate an income to support your desired lifestyle, irrespective of what the individual decides to do or not do. At MTC we have an opportunity supported by programs, mentorships and guidance to help you achieve a level of wealth you desire to create your ideal lifestyle.

Your success here in MTC isn’t determined by your experience, up-bringing, background, culture or even age. It is determined by 3 very simple things: your desire for change, your ability to listen and learn and your ability to never give up on yourself and your dreams.

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my trading community.
Learn, Earn, Inspire.

There's no doubt that trading has become a normal part of many people's daily lives. Trading has never been more convenient and accessible with the growth of cryptocurrency, reduced barriers to entry and technological advancements. The issue has always been 'how'? Whether you're brand new to trading or an established trader, our education was built for you!

the first wealth
is health.

What’s wealth without health? Let’s face it, a healthy body feeds a healthy mind. Our holistic approach to optimizing human potential covers all aspects of life, including becoming a healthier, more vibrant version of you.

fill your pockets.

feed your soul.

fill your pockets.
feed your soul.

Increasing your wealth will raise the impact on your life, your families lives and the lives of those around you. An increase in true wealth will lead you to more freedom of your time, more choices, more opportunities, the ability to help others and live the life you've always dreamt of.

The beauty of our platform is that it creates possibilities in your life that perhaps didn’t exist before, by giving you the educational tools to be successful and the opportunity to leverage our recourses and opportunities. What you choose to do with it, is up to you.

Our Values


One Team
One Dream

We are united in our passion, dreams and goals. We celebrate success and achievements as a community. We are always seeking fun, fulfilment and excitement. We support and encourage each other as a community to reach our ultimate potential.

& Resilience

We are focused on solutions and overcoming challenges. We are resilient in the face of adversity. We always move forward and find resolution.

Growth and

We are always seeking personal growth and development. We reflect on our experiences and always move forward. We believe that contribution to others is a contribution to our personal growth.

Open & Effective

We are always transparent and honest in our communication. We communicate with respect and integrity. We believe communication should be open, free and safe.

& Ownership

We are accountable for our actions. We take ownership of our outcomes. We hold ourselves to the highest standards.

real people.
real stories.


MTC is second to none! The app has been created in a way that makes learning a simple, easy and fun experience. I love that I can continue my learning and growth on the go via the app with no laptop required. I can connect with the community, coaches and watch the lessons all at the hands of my phone!


The word "inspire" does not come easy, but this team is a group of people that have not only inspired me but made me desire what I really strive. The simplicity of the course and the features within the app have made every part of this journey easy. This is the most phenomenal group and education platform available, and I highly recommend MTC Education to anyone who is looking to learn, improve and better themselves in all areas of life.


Since day 1, MTC and its mentors have provided me with the right coaching to help me work towards my financial and personal goals. They went out of their way to service my needs and I'm forever grateful to be a part of the family.