50 days to reclaim your life

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a true winner and someone who is struggling to simply get by? What if you could become the person who is able to achieve anything and everything at will? What if from this point forward everything in your life just fell into place? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What would your life look like?

50 days to reclaim your life

reclaim your life reclaim your life
reclaim your life2

This is a no nonsense, simple and effective step by step guide to silencing the inner enabler and create habits to become the ultimate version of yourself. Through the course of this challenge you will develop; self-worth, confidence, self-belief, discipline, determination, perseverance, grit and self-esteem.

  • 50 days
  • 5 tasks
  • Zero compromise

What Does 505 Create?

505 is a program that will permanently change your life. A program that has been completed by many in the community including; field leaders, trainers and the founders. 505 will improve your way of thinking, develop a level of discipline and how you aim to achieve your desired goals.

This is about mental toughness.

505 will help you develop and greatly enhance the following traits in your life.










Become the best version of yourself

These are NOT traits you are born with ...

These are skills you can develop ...

Take action and dramatically change your life.

How many times have you quit?

How many times in your life have you felt like you were never going to make it? Have there been times where you felt a lack of self-worth, no confidence and maybe even a little lost?

Most people fail through life with no plan or sense of direction. Never learning from their mistakes and believing they can never out-grow their situation and environment.

For many people, they don’t believe its time to make changes until they have let themselves go mentally and physically. They will start something new, such as a diet plan or new fitness regime and even achieve a certain level of success until they hit their first road block and begin to stumble. At this point is where some give up and end up back to where they started or worse in a short period of time.

The Real Issue

Most of the time people feel alone and they fail to realise that there are others just like them who are feeling the same.

At MTC, we knew in our heart that many out there are struggling and based on our experience, we made the decision that we had to do something.

We realised there was a huge hole in the educational space after discovering the cause of so many problems, challenges and issues. Almost no one was teaching anything to help anyone with what they needed to get better and to help them start making real changes.

This is where 505 steps in.

"The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear and get a record of successful experiences behind you."

- William Jennings Bryan

The True Success Formula

confidence grit

It takes confidence
It takes grit.


It takes endurance
It takes perseverance.


It takes belief in yourself
It takes fortitude.


It takes willingness
to win.

its your time

it’s your time

Your present or past circumstances and stories have absolutely nothing to do with your future. No matter where you have been and what you have gone through, 505 can reset your entire system and set you up for massive success.

In 505 you are not alone and with the the support of the MTC community you will reach your ultimate potential.