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The cryptocurrency and trading space can be very dangerous, overwhelming and unforgiving for the average person, but extremely rewarding and fulfilling once educated and guided through the process.

Our aim is to deliver information that is simple to understand and extremely practical. It is designed and created for everyone to go from a complete novice to a highly skilled advanced trader and investor.

This course will fast track your learning and provide you the necessary tools and education to; create your wallet, keep your assets secured, purchase your first crypto currency, analyse the markets, understand risk management and develop the correct psychology to become an independent profitable trader and investor.

what you’ll learn

Trader Psychology

Understanding Technical

Wealth Creation

Risk Management


Technical Analysis provides the ability to read price action and predict market movements. This will help you make informed decisions, take calculated risks and become profitable within the market.

Traders who master technical analysis don't face the same issues and problems compared to someone who has not.

Common problems and emotions you may be facing:

  • Confusion and uncertainty
  • Pain and anxiety
  • Inability to sleep
  • Never progressing

Technical analysis brings clarity and resolve to all of these issues.

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What You Gain

An in depth understanding
of technical analysis

The mindset and psychology
of a success trader

Risk management for steady
long term growth

The ability to develop a
winning strategy

The ability to identify
within the market

The confidence and belief in
your own personal abilities

What we offer?

  1. Pre recorded lessons
  2. Live courses
  3. Weekly live and interactive market analysis
  4. Weekly Q&A and mentoring
  5. Interactive tasks and assessments
  6. Community based learning
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